30 Year as a Wealth Manager

Business Administrator by degree, and International Banking Manager by training, I have been in the finance and banking business for some 30 years in an activity spanning North America, Europe and the Caribbean.

In my first professional years I worked and learnt in legal and financial organization in Caracas, Venezuela and Miami, USA. My expertise grew especially on the area of financial information provided to the Federal Reserve Bank (FED).

From 1996 to 2010 I was a Director and Partner of prestigious financial companies operating in the US and diverse countries in the Caribbean and Europe. I got to managed a 300 million-dollar portfolio of own clients.

Since 2011, along with two partners, founded and helped grow three companies: Barnett Capital Bank in the Commonwealth of Dominica, focusing in compliance procedures and Strategy Planning; FSC Consultores & Asociados, in Caracas, Venezuela, working on Asset & Liabilities Gap Analysis Consulting; and Barnett Capital Group, in Miami, USA, where as a Director I manage daily operations and develop new strategies and new products to increase customer satisfaction.

In 2016 we welcomed our latest venture: Instabank International, headquartered in Puerto Rico, USA, a full service investment bank where I, as a Director, am in charge of daily operations and development of new products and services.